What is WOSPM?

WOSPM (Welcoming Open Source Project Metrics) organization is for creating and maintaining documents and tools to measure how an open source project welcomes users as possible contributor. For more, please read the about page.


WOSPM Checklist is published on Atolye15 Checklist.

The checklist is now avaliable on Atolye15 Checklist. You can use it to check your open source project.

WOSPM Checklist

Tools For Open Source Project Maintainers

WOSPM/tool-list is created!

WOSPM started a new project as a repository for listing the tools for open source project maintainer. The project will be also posted to Awesome lists repo.

Awesome Tools For Open Source Project Owners

WOSPM Checker Release (Version 0.3.0)

The Checker with Version 0.3.0 is live now!

A new option is added to the command. The “strict” option will enable the strict mode that uses a higher rate to give success code. In normal mode success rate is 70% percent, but in strict mode it is 90%.

WOSPM Checker Github Action is live.

The Github action of Wospm/Checker is now avaliable on Github Marketplace. You can use it to check your open source project on Github.

Github Action